Hämeenlinnan normaalikoulu

The Practising School of Teacher Education



In our school there are 18 primary education classes from 1 to 6 (7 to 12 year old pupils), altogether about 400 pupils. In addition to providing basic primary education, the special task of our school is to maintain close relationship between theory and practise by organising teaching practice and supervising student teachers, carrying out teaching experiments and research as well as in-service education.  





Our school is an independent part of the University of Tampere, Faculty of Education. We are physically situated in the campus of The Department of Teacher Education. The Head Teacher of the school is Mr. Vesa Toivonen and the Deputy Head is Ms. Tuula Laine and the Coordinator for International Cooperation is Ms Marja Tuomi. In our school there are 27 full-time teachers. The school has a School Board and a Parents’ Association. The task of the School Board is to supervise, develop and support the education and teaching work of the school and to approve the curricula and work plans of the school. The Parent Association provides valuable support – even financial support – to the educational and teaching work of the school.

Hämeenlinnan normaalikoulu is part of the University of Tampere: http://www.uta.fi/







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